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Augostino Sfeir

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Sfeir, CFA, is the Chief Investment Officer in the Investments & Strategic Planning Department, as well as a member of URC’s Executive Management Committee. Mr. Sfeir brings to URC 14 +years of extensive experience in managing large, complex investment portfolios, across all major asset classes, including private equity and real estate. Hands-on experience in asset management/consulting, Investment banking perspective strategy, as well as M&A & corporate finance activities at the corporate level. Mr. Sfeir has a notable, multi-million transaction Deal List, which was executed during several positions including Senior Associate of Investments in North Africa Holding. Mr. Sfeir was responsible for the origination and sourcing of investment targets, from carrying out due diligence to structuring and financing and the negotiation of investments.

Mr. Sfeir is currently responsible for all investments activities at URC, from originating, to carrying out due diligence, structuring, financing, negotiating and closing transactions.

Prior to that, Mr. Sfeir was an Investment Manager – Investment Advisory in NBK Capital where he was responsible for identifying new investment opportunities, conducting investment analysis, advising clients on investment opportunities and outsourcing new investments. He also formerly held the position of Assistant Manager – Corporate Finance in the Global Investment House.

Mr. Sfeir holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance, from Balamand University, Lebanon, and a certificate of completion in Hospitality Management from Conrad Hilton College – University of Houston, USA. He is also a CFA Charterholder.